Episode #8: Slack in the System

What’d you do after college? Ride some freight trains? Hitchhike around the Western U.S.? Dodge FBI agents, along with the draft? Our guest, David, did. Turn on, tune in, and drop out.

David: The judge held court in his garage…he and his wife were both on parole for murder.
Dan and Evan: Wait, the judge?!
David: Yeah, I mean, this is New Mexico in ’66.

Episode #7: Light

After some heavy episodes, we keep it light: first crushes, where our ideas of love come from, and what makes a conversation. Maybe…it’s not so light.

Evan: I get home, I look at myself in the mirror, and I say “I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!”… I never admitted that to anybody.

Episode #6: She Ain’t So Shy

Courtney invented the idea of smiling when talking over the phone. You’ll feel that smile, even as she tells harrowing tales of horses, horrible screen names, and husbands — and her half of Steve’s story (from Episode #2).

Courtney: Have you not heard of the DTR?
Evan: What is that? It’s DTF!
Dan: You want someone who’s DTF before you DTR, otherwise you’re in for a WTF.
Evan: LOL.

Music by Greg Gibbs.

Episode #5: We Are All Tubes

We add another Dan to this episode, and it’s for the better. Through his two breakup sagas, and anecdotes of dashing through rail yards, brokering peace in the Middle East, and the fate of his ex’s sheets, we find out that everything will be okay. At least until your early to mid-30s.

Guest Dan: My parents were over for Passover…
Dan: …it’s a Jewish holiday…
Evan: Oh, Lord of the Rings shit.

Music by Man Bites Dog.

Episode #4: Dr. Jenn

On a winter’s eve, we tuck in around the dinner table with the always delightful Jenn. If she doesn’t warm your soul, her chicken recipe will. Beware: we earn the explicit rating near the end.

Dan: …I’ll allow them to tread lightly on my heart.
Jen: And wear their high-heeled shoes.

Music by Conveyor.