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Episode #3: The Ex

Man, “ex” has such a bad connotation, when sometimes, like this time, it shouldn’t. Evan sits down with an old girlfriend and talks memories: of high school, of college, and of horrible attempts at winning her back. The music in this episode is “E-Love” by The Upsidedown.

“Where’s your bonsai tree? You kill it? Hm, is that it over there? Looks dead.”

Episode #2: The Life of Steve

Pull up a chair and a few drinks to listen to a night with special guest and newly-minted friend Steve. We talk about pivotal moments in life. This theme arches through various topics, including digging holes, pancakes breakfasts, and of course, points of no return in relationships.

Evan: What keeps you on Earth?
Steve: Gravity.
Evan: God damnit.
Dan: That was very East Coast.