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Episode #16: Road Trip

Evan and Dan head out to see the Grand Canyon. A coming of age tale that isn’t about the destination, but the journey. Rated R for coarse language and beards.

Dan: If I was driving, I’d be much more comfortable…
Evan: Do you want to drive?
Dan: No. See, but what’s that? What are you doing there?
Evan: I’m not doing anything…

Music by Evan and Dan.

Episode #15: Black Fly In My… Whiskey

Over mimosas, Ashley talks about two guys she thought would be with her for life. Instead of life, however, she spends some grueling last moments with each, one in a tent in New Zealand, one in an apartment where the only private refuge was the bathroom. Lessons are learned.

Dan: It sounds like you make these big commitments…
Evan: …make these leaps and they just crack.
Ashley: Mmm hmm, yep.

Music by Sylvie Davidson and 14 Foot 1.

Episode #14: Indie Movie Love

Jen with one ‘n’ joins us, and she hits you with some great advice at the very end. Before that, we find out how she’s never been on a date — yet has been in a relationship for 98% of her adult life. Also, we learn how Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is a better aphrodisiac than rhino horn.

Jen: Just surround yourself with good people, whether or not your sleeping with any of them… but if you can have sex with any of them, go for it.

Music by Souvenir Driver.